2020 Vision


2020 Vision

We’re in a time of science and engineering. But they’re not necessarily making the world more clear or more simple. – Erwan Bouroullec

The insight industry has so many tools at its disposable these days that it’s not unreasonable to expect that we have 20/20 vision when it comes to looking at what people are doing and feeling, how they are behaving and what might change in the future. 

The tools that supplement our vision include analytics, the equivalent of microscopes, which allows us to look at detailed transactional data. Observation and ethnography are like wearables, seeing what people see in real time. We have telescopes in the form of predictive markets, enabling us to tell the future. And of course we have the good old multitask binoculars that give a wide field of vision to the variety of survey work from short range focus to a longer view. But good sight does not equate to good insight and even insight isn’t always enough.  

We see TRA’s role as bringing the voice of the customer inside businesses to influence their strategic decision making: the way they express their brand, package their products and services, effect behaviour change, guide the pathway to innovation and deliver to the market.

To bring the customer’s voice into the heart of the business requires diverse, powerful and inspiring narrative reporting. Through the interplay of words, images, documentary storytelling, design and technology, we bring information to life and present complex ideas with clarity.

It takes skill and judgment to curate and shape knowledge, to weigh the value and role of multiple data sources, delivering simplified, integrated and rich content along with the confidence to navigate the most relevant critical pathway to an actionable end.

To inspire information-driven strategic direction and activation you need intelligently analysed information by ‘whole brain’ people with diverse business skills. Success only comes from making good decisions. So these are the key measures. Are we delivering something that will drive a decision? Are we giving clear direction about how to implement the decision to achieve growth? We don’t bring our story to you until we can say yes to both.