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Find your edge and be the expert on your customers in 2021.

​In a changing FMCG landscape, you need to know your customers, understand the culture shaping their decisions and know how to make your products truly stand out. Our team has created exclusive content specifically for FMCG marketers, covering what we know about Kiwis, the way they shop, and how you can identify opportunities and grow in your category. 

We've divided the content into four digestible emails, covering topics critical for success in the world of FMCG and sharing relevant tools, frameworks and research.

In this email series, you'll learn:

• How to harness cultural analysis to stay ahead of trends
• What the retail driver trends are emerging around the world - with free access to our interactive Pluto dashboard
• What you need to do to get the most from your NPD process, and stand out from the crowd
• What we learned about spending in New Zealand in the last year - and what we can take into the future.

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