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Human Centric CX

In this webinar, TRA Partner Colleen Ryan explores the key principles of customer experience.


Threading a needle is easy. But not if you are myopic. 

Ease isn’t just about what is technically easy. Colleen introduces Ease, our first principle of customer experience. It’s about removing friction, but that’s not limited to UX.  


It’s not just how much effort but whose effort. Effort is relative. It includes both the customer effort and the organisation’s effort. How do you show your effort? 


Rewards are the emotional payback for customer effort. Reward should form a key part of your customer experience strategy – and, if your customer experience objective is compliance, where punishments could be a lever.   

Employee experience 

Most of us don’t consider employee experience, but in our research with Skills Consulting Group we’ve seen a direct relationship between employee experience and customer experience. And not just front line employees. 

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