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The Push and Pull of Behaviour Change Strategy


What to expect

  1. LEARN: A 30-minute webinar with TRA's behavioural science experts, drawing on insight from TRA’s work across industries.
  2. GO DEEP: Get supporting resources from TRA’s team and presentation slides so you can deep dive into the topic.
  3. FOLLOW UP: Got questions? We'll share them with our behavioural insights team and come back to you.

Learn how you can apply behavioural science to your audiences' mindset to truly understand people. 

Weave me a rope that will pull me through these impossible times - Tim Finn 

Thanks to the cognitive sciences, we can understand the frameworks that dictate decision making and behaviour. We also know that people are part of wider culture. So, which is right? The unthinking brain described by behavioural economics and neuroscience, or the sentient human being responsive to cultural influence?

The answer is both and the more interesting questions are: 

 •  How do they work together?
 •  What does the intersection look like?
 •  Is this where we, as marketers, can really influence?

Join us at this webinar as Colleen Ryan, TRA Partner, Lindsey Horne, Behavioural Insights Lead, and Mark Hobart, our partner in Australia, explore where the unthinking brain and cultural influence intersect.

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Colleen Ryan
Partner at TRA
Colleen has a curious and strategic mindset fueled by 40 years of experience in business across Europe, North America and APAC countries. With a fascination and deep understanding of what it is to be human, specifically applying principles from cultural sociology, social psychology, behavioural science, and cultural analysis, she brings breakthrough insights to brand strategy, creative development and customer centricity.

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