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Podcast: The future of insights

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Colleen Ryan discusses the findings from TRA's Discovery Project, a study of 22 New Zealand business leaders to uncover the key tensions and challenges facing modern organisations. 

It emerged that organisations are feeling like they are standing on the edge of a cliff faced with massive uncertainty and complexity, driven by factors like re-structures, agile ways of working, digital transformations and constant threat of disruption.

In this environment, the insights industry must evolve to meet the new needs of clients. Insights providers need to create confidence, and must do it in ways that do not rest on ‘perfect models’. Rather we need to collect multiple imperfect elements to make a credible overall recommendation that we and our clients can be comfortable with.

Colleen Ryan
Partner at TRA
Colleen has a curious and strategic mindset fueled by 40 years of experience in business across Europe, North America and APAC countries. With a fascination and deep understanding of what it is to be human, specifically applying principles from cultural sociology, social psychology, behavioural science, and cultural analysis, she brings breakthrough insights to brand strategy, creative development and customer centricity.

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