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What drives the TRA Culture Engine?

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It’s essential to obsess over your customer.

But we often forget that our customers are people first and foremost. They are more than just their behaviour within a category. They are fully formed individuals with many facets to their lives which influence their decisions. And even though they may not realise it, they absorb a lot from their surroundings.

This is what we refer to as cultural influence. Culture is all around us – it’s a big messy mish-mash of interrelated, ever-changing phenomena that span identity, technology, media, ideology, arts, business, environment and much, much more – and it has a major impact on our lives.

Understanding how culture is changing over time, and how brands can leverage cultural movements to their advantage is fast becoming the key to good marketing. The pages in this magazine will give you a fair idea why. Understanding your customers as people enables you to speak to them on their level, design products that they want and build policies that serve their needs.

Our team here at TRA knows New Zealand people because we talk to them, observe them and collect and curate data about them. We have built this knowledge over the years to form our Culture Engine. The engine is an ecosystem of interconnected intelligence and data sources, providing us with deep insight into the forces acting on Kiwi’s lives.

We apply this intelligence in every project we work on, helping our clients to become more relevant in the hearts, minds and lives of New Zealanders.

tra's cultural engine
Claire Tutill
Marketing Manager at TRA

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