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Cultural Currents

Forces that influence society

Dynamic and evolving cultural shifts and trends that shape the world we live in.


The cultural currents helps us to understand how culture is changing and impacting people.

TRA identifies and tracks significant cultural patterns. The result is twelve meta cultural currents within four elemental forces.

Macro and micro currents flow from and feed into these. They are the patterns, trends and innovations that are shaping, or have potential to shape our world.

Elemental forces
Meta currents
Macro currents
Micro currents

From the driven ideal of a quantified life to the purposeful design of a life fulfilled.

Seven billion people on the planet, a team of five million closer to home, and every one of us different. Don’t box me in, don’t classify me. We’ve seen the joy of difference, of uniqueness, of shared pleasures and ways of thinking.

Superinclusivity is a power unit projecting seven billion thoughts, creating new combinations and diverse thinking and behaviour. Gender and age are obsolete concepts when our shared identity has so many more common denominators than demographic profiling.

Meta currents
Gender Freedom
Ageless Reboot

From accepting different perspectives,
to a boundaryless perspective.

Humanity has been challenged, our very existence under threat. We have looked in the face of who we are, who we want to be, how we want to live and what it is to be human – alongside our fellow humans. One life, no rehearsal. We want to live it to the full, and live it well.

It’s all about Being Human and what that means. Forget work-life balance or separation – there is only one me. Having felt the loss of experience during Covid-19, you are sure as hell going to maximise your experience of life and everything new and wonderful in it.

Meta currents
Being Human
Work Revolution

From trusting the status quo, to embracing change that we can trust.

Covid-19 was a paradigm shift. There is a clear pre/post era and the post zeitgeist promised us a new world, a new way of being and living. And not in superficial ways. Online shopping is still shopping and the canned beans are still canned beans. But in a way that starts from a different place, it’s a systemic change, a renaissance.

At its heart is Audacious Change, which tears up the rule book, holds nothing sacred and asks, ‘why does it have to be that way?’ Creativity is out of the box too, driving change and innovation. It’s not folksy or crafty, it’s brave, bold and raw – and not about being polished but about putting it out there.

With everything up for grabs, trust isn’t optional. Lack of trust got us here, so it needs to underpin the way forward. More than trust, we need integrity. It goes deeper.

Meta currents
Audacious Change
Creativity Unplugged

From man and machine against nature, to humans as machines interdependent with nature.

Our world blends natural and man-made together, into a swirl of real, virtual and augmented reality. A.daptation is the nucleus as we bring together what we are with what we have made.

The natural world has its own cadence, its own cycle of seasons and regeneration that steadies our pulse when we go with its flow. It triggers the romanticism of being at one with the natural cycle of life. Cities have man-made ecosystems marching to the beat of human interests and ambition that quickens our pulse as we connect to the networks that make the urban environment beat. But to whose tune? Does it beat for us or do we plug in to accelerate the ride?

Meta currents

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