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Finding Your Edge: Evidence, Strategy and Marketing that Makes a Difference

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When you’re working at speed on marketing that matters, you need the weight of evidence behind you.

Evidence can be found anywhere, but how do you view it with a critical eye, and how do you ensure that human biases don't derail your thinking? In this free webinar, led by TRA partners Karin Glucina and Shaun Fitzgibbon, you'll learn:

  • How to choose the best marketing model for your organisation
  • How to start building your marketing evidence base
  • How to understand and counter biases in your thinking
  • How to achieve consilience 

With an evidence base to support your efforts, you’ll have a better chance of creating marketing that drives authentic conversations, enrols your wider team, and achieves organisational goals.

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Headshot of Karin Glucina, Partner at TRA in black and white
Karin Glucina

New problems need new solutions.

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