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5 principles for creating popular and effective work

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It pays to understand the patterns across people's favourite ads.

In a nutshell

  1. TRA regularly surveys people about their favourite TV ads.
  2. From this, we identify common patterns of high-performing campaigns that hit the mark..
  3. TRA's Creative Edge model builds upon this knowledge to help brands and organisations craft remarkable, memorable creative that resonates.

We know which work resonates with the public and why - because we ask them.

Every three months, in partnership with ThinkTV, we survey regular New Zealanders to find out which TV ads are resonating and which creative is going the distance.   

The survey asks a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 people a simple, unprompted question; “What is your favourite ad on TV at the moment?” We also ask them why they like it and how it makes them feel.  

From this we pulled together a list of the Top 10 TV ads - so you have the best chance of making creative that hits the mark.  

The survey reveals a collection of tried-and-true principles that any advertiser or marketer would benefit from keeping in mind when crafting their next campaign – and they align closely with the principles of TRA's Creative Edge.  

1. Build to last 

Create work that wears in. If you stick with a creative platform long-term, you can add depth and meaning to it over time. When you’ve got something that works, don’t be too quick to abandon it for the next shiny idea. Instead, make sure to give your platform the time and space it needs to become familiar and loved.

2. Tell emotional stories 

Great storytelling is key to creating remarkable and rewarding work that people remember. Don't just grab attention, hold it - including small moments that entertain and make people smile can make all the difference. 

3. Tap into culture 

Make ads that Kiwis or Australians recognise as their own to resonate on a cultural level. For New Zealanders, look at Kiwi Codes – ads that align with these codes are even more relatable and enjoyable. The same can be said in Australia – ads that feel uniquely Australian are more likely to be resonate with an Australian audience.

4. Walk the talk 

It’s critical that you follow-through on what you say. Deliver on your brand promise by walking the talk, creating a clear connection between your advertising and with the actions you deliver on in the real world.

5. Don't rely on an ending logo 

Waiting until the end of the ad to mention the brand is risky. Weave brand codes throughout your execution so the brand shows up looking like itself throughout the execution. This will help your brand get the credit for the remarkable and rewarding work you create.

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Lloyd Thomason
Lloyd Thomason is a Communication and Brand Strategist with 6 years’ experience working at some of the best creative agencies in New Zealand. Lloyd has helped deliver highly effective work for government clients including Fire and Emergency and Movember, and commercial clients including The Warehouse Group and 2degrees. He is well-versed in marketing effectiveness, New Zealand cultural codes, and applying behaviour change principles.

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