New Zealand Post has been working with The Research Agency since 2009. We needed a strategic, forward-looking research partner, and The Research Agency has delivered just that. With their direct, accessible style and practical, usable research results, The Research Agency has become an integral part of our strategic business planning.

Dylan James, Strategy Manager, New Zealand Post


How to catch a spider (on camera)

No. 35 High Street had front row seats to view Alain 'The Spiderman' Robert latest stunt yesterday, as he scaled the face of Auckland's tallest apartment tower, The Metropolis. From the street below there were a few sore necks watching the Frenchman climb the 26 balconies, before a rope ladder prevented him from scaling the sheer face of the upper penthouse apartment floors (and then had to hang out for 15 minutes while someone found the key to the door of the balcony he ended up at). A fun bit of lunchtime entertainment, in promotion of Samsung Galaxy Gear (which only those with a good zoom lens found out).  It was a walk in the park for Roberts who ranked it 'about a 2' on the scary scale but looking at the face of Brendon (25secs) in The New Zealand Herald footage  it clearly shows that it looked a whole lot crazier from where we were sitting.


A sneak peek into The Research Agency Christmas Card

Whatddya mean everyone else is still in a meeting?!


Smells like Christmas

Spotting the massive decorations on the streets, catching up with clients over a rather massive dessert platter… It's that time of year again!